Why Do I Travel?

The travel bug has bit me and doesn’t seem to be leaving me. My ‘disease’ is only worsening! It’s only been 5 months since I came back from Australia and I am already 100_1894dying to travel again. What do I want to see next? The beaches of Sri Lanka? The wonderful scenery of Canada? Rustic mosques of Turkey? Or, the historical architecture of Italy? I can’t decide. There’s the whole world yet to be seen.

Many of my India vacations have been when I was in school and I don’t remember much of them. In fact, I want to see the whole of India again, with a fresh perspective! My international trips have been as a tourist, mostly. I did enjoy but its different when you visit a place to explore and not just to see.

We don’t have much of the backpack culture or the explorer way of travel in India but I’m trying to break the mould!

SwitzerlandI am an explorer – of places, of people, of food, of cultures, of nature – and I do not want to travel as a tourist! I do not want to tour the place in a bus! I want to go out there with the locals and experience the place their way. I want to understand each country at a very sweet, slow pace. After all, each country has so much more to offer than just its popular monuments.

So here’s why I travel:

· To see what exists outside the small boundaries of my city

· To understand various cultures and the people

· To try out different types of food, of course!

· To understand the dynamics of a country

· To meet like-minded people from across the borders and to make friends

· To open up my mind to the vast possibilities and offerings of the world

· To introspect and understand myself.

So. Why do you travel?

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