Suvali–The purest beach in Western India


Sometimes you come across a place that you can uncannily relate to. You keep going back there only to realize that you are going through a journey of self-discovery. Suvali beach at Surat is one such place that I fell in love with during my first visit to the beach. The tree-less and rock-free beach prides itself of a clean, serene and divine scene. Perfect to spend a few hours of solitude.

I have always visited the beach with a friend or a group of friends but like others, I have felt totally at peace, forgetting the person (s) with me and connecting solely with nature.

Suvali beach is a black sand beach. The sand is slippery and slips fast beneath your feet. The beach isn’t safe for swimming. The beach is perfect to spend quite moments alone or with your close one. Come here to witness a blissful sunrise and sunset. I have seen both and have been left spellbound.


Suvali beach is located at Hazira. You need to go all the way to Reliance take a right after GSEB on the right hand side. A narrow, but a pakkaroad will lead you to the beach. As you progress further, the path becomes quieter. You may not come across a single soul on the way. A small vehicle or a two-wheeler is advisable as 2 medium sized cars have difficulty in crossing each other. Also make sure you have a spare tyre ready and your vehicle is in good condition!

The beach is almost a virgin beach. Because it is far from the main city, not many people come here. One or two vendors selling crisps, coconut water and cold drinks can be seen on Sundays. People with families now come here on Sundays and it’s quite sad that they have started dirtying a certain section of the beach. But the beach is long and if keep walking on either side, you will soon drift away from the small crowd and will be on your own.


This picturesque location is an artist’s delight. It is capable of stirring up soulful poetries out of poets, heartfelt stories out of writers, fantastic lyrics out of songwriters, sweet melodies out of musicians and masterpieces out of painters.

Very few residents of Surat have visited here and it’s good in a way because the beach is left untouched by mankind, leaving it in its purest, most beautiful form.


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