The Magic Of Doors & Windows

I have realized just a few months ago on my second trip to Laxmi Vilas Palace (Baroda) and the recent trip to Calcutta, that doors, windows & railings – all with delicate, artistic designs or rustic look, fascinate me. When I was roaming around Calcutta, I couldn’t stop gaping and going all ‘wowwww’ over the various balconies of old houses and the doors/windows of my friend’s old ancestral home.


Laxmi Vilas Palace


Laxmi Vilas Palace

The older, the better. The more bucolic, the better. The more Victorian, the better.


Laxmi Vilas Palace

On one side are elaborate beautiful motifs which take your breath away and makes you marvel at the artisans’ patience and skill, and on the other side are old, historical doors which speak hundreds of years of history and memoirs.


Some old walls of the Gaikwad kingdom laid across Baroda.

A door invites a guest to a home even before the hosts do. A door is the face of the people living in the house. A door reflects a person’s personality.


An abandoned house, Baroda

I look at old houses and wonder how many generations have lived in it. How many old eyes have sat for hours on a chair waiting for their sons and daughters to come to them. How many little feet have run on the floors. I often feel sad looking at abandoned houses. Who lived here? What happened to them? A tragedy? Do they miss the house?


Laxmi Vilas Palace premises

Laxmi Vilas Palace (Baroda) is a beautiful palace – perhaps the most beautiful one I have seen till date. It combines Mughal and Rajasthani architecture and has delicately carved arches, pillars and ceilings.


Laxmi Vilas Palace


Laxmi Vilas Palace

I had been to Calcutta some days back and it felt like an ideal travel tour for me. I could get in touch with the old India, its history and could connect with the roots.


An ancestral home, Calcutta


An ancestral home, Calcutta

Windows are our outlet to the world. I have spent many hours in front of the window during my exams when I was trapped inside, forced to study, and kept looking out at the bungalow opposite to ours to see what was happening there. Right now, my bed is right beside the window and I totally love it.


An ancestral home, Calcutta


An ancestral home, Calcutta

In the past, I had visited a village near Surat and seen some quaint, old doors there.



I don’t know why I am attracted to doors and windows but I am! Do share your pics too Smile


Sun streaming in through the sheer curtains. My cousin’s home, Bombay.

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18 thoughts on “The Magic Of Doors & Windows

  1. Really nice your collection of old doors!

  2. wow…gr8 collection

  3. this is indeed fascinating…amazing.
    do check my blogs…

  4. I love old architectures. It has its own beauty and history 🙂

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  5. Kiran, Icyie & Sunilji: Thank you so much 🙂 Thanks for sharing my love for old architecture !!

  6. Wow Chitra, Nice blogs you have there!!

  7. thanks…NS..i think i have mistyped a link over ther.
    cheeeerss !!!!!!!!!

  8. xplorkaval

    nice post! nice pics! I am from baroda and recently visited palace for photography..would love to hear how was your experience =]

    • Isn’t it a photographer’s delight?? i have jus shifted to baroda a month ago.. can u tell me about more such old houses / architecture in baroda to photograph

  9. Lovely 🙂 u know- i havent been to the palace still !! sucks na…i shall plan a visit soon….!

  10. windows fascinate me too & i particularly love big windows almost the size of a door

    you’ve got a great gamut of interesting doors n windows here

  11. Yet another set of amazing capture … all the more as with the advent of tie we tend to be forgetting the engineering of the recent past ..just about 100 years old…they had so much space inside..the doors and windows were elaborate and we have glass sliders and a roof just to make sure our heads do not end up banging against ! being from Kolkata and getting an opportunity to stay in a rented house around 70 years old, i know , what it feels like when u get introduced to them , initially ! Nice Capture !

    • Thanks! I find old houses really captivating. and such elaborate work on doors. We can’t expect it today.. I agree. Today houses are made just for convenience.

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