Ahmedabad Trip–The Fun Itinerary

We are geared up for our Ahmedabad trip. We’ve postponed it 2 times already leading to a one month delay. Finally, the time has come. When E sent this itinerary (since she is from Ahmedabad and is going to be our guide for 2 days), the excitement that had fizzled out because of the indefinite postponement, has emerged again.

Saturday : 24.03.2012

0400 : E wakes NS up
0405 : NS is already awake since she has to choose what to wear(that takes time)
0430 : NS wakes M up to check if she is not dozing off
0445 : NS and E are almost done, ready to go down to the car
0500 : E and NS get ready to pick M up
0530 : Weach M’s place and they leave immediately
0600 : We have reached outskirts of Baroda
0730 : We reach the outskirts of a’bad
0800 : We go to IIM thela for poha/maska bun/anda-maggi and chai (traditional a’bad breakfast)
0845 : We leave for Modhera, The Sun Temple
1000 : We reach Modhera and are joined by M’s sister friends
1030 : We shoot a lot of photos until M is exhausted since NS can never get tired of getting her photos clicked
1100 : We plan to leave
1130 : We actually leave
1200 : E shows the other girls her college enroute to Adalaj Step Well
1230 : 5 girls reach adalaj step well
1245 : 2 girls go down and deeper into the earth as it is cooler down there
1300 : NS is still clicking photos not of her but of the carved walls
1345 : Girls have had enough of stones and are now hungry
1400 : Girls head out immediately to first eat out place-“Upper Crust”
1430 : Reach upper crust
1600 : Girls now have glucose in their blood. Girls can now run and shop
1630 : Girls head to Law Garden/CG Road for silver Jewelry shopping
1730 : Its evening time, oh wait..girls are not done shopping
1800 : E takes girls to Zen Cafe and shows them MF Hussain’s questionable, un-decipherable, coded paintings
1845 : Paintings  are still confusing, girls enjoy a drink at the cafe and leave soon
1915 : Girls leave for dinner at “The House of MG ”
1945 : Girls are awed by the restaurant at the House of MG-Agashiye
2100 : Girls are in a gujju mood as they munch gujju dinner
2130 : Girls decide to go out for a drive or have ice cream
* please note E has to pick some stuff in the evening from Vastrapur. Will accommodate when nearby

Sunday : 25.03.2012

0000 : Girls might decide to go to Zaveri Bazaar at mid night to have pineapple pizza or can go to Jasuben’s pizza
0430 : Girls wake up. They don’t want to
0530 : Girls leave for “Thol lake”
0600 : M and NS are awed by the beauty of Thol lake. (The others have already been there)
0700 : Girls appreciate the sun and the water and the birds if they get lucky
0800 : E takes girls to a paratha dhaba sorts for breakfast where they give 5 gms Amul butter with every paratha
0900 : The day is theirs
1000 : The girls go to old a’bad for a heritage walk conducted by themselves. They meet The King of Ahmedabad here-King Ahmed Shah’s tomb
1000 : The girls decide to visit Sarkhej Roza another architectural heritage site
1230 : E takes girls to “Mint Route” a new restaurant near her hostel
1400 : Girls enjoy Mexican/Italian/some other cuisine food and are yawning
1430 : Girls choose to shop again, at the places they have missed
1600 : Girls can go to the new Alpha mall (it is really huge but nothing interesting apart from that)
1700 : The two sisters say bye to M, NS and E
1800 : E catches her train from A’bad Rly station

And a pleasant weekend comes to an end.


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