Live… It is–Restaurant Review

Baroda is blessed with its second sports bar. Rather, a music+sports bar. Now, sports don’t interest me but music and food definitely do. When my good friend told me about this new joint that had opened very recently (20 days earlier, we came to know later), I decided to ignore the heat and jetlag and jumped at the opportunity.

The place is located in Shreeram Shalini Mall on the ground floor. The interiors are done up in industry style with open red bricks wall, colourful walls and music related graffiti. Suits me. This airy space has comfortable chairs and 2 cosy black sofas with colourful cushions placed by the huge windows which looked so comfortable that I’m sure those who occupy it would never want to leave it. The huge screen upholstered on one of the walls played the currently ongoing IPL match. The music played at an optimal volume level was pleasing (I kept Shazam-ing to get to know the songs though I could have just asked the friendly owner). The music definitely held my interest.




The one A-3 size page menu does not have many main course dishes though they have lots of vegetarian starters and mocktails. To begin with, the place has non vegetarian food which itself wins my vote. They have few dishes to begin with and I’m sure they will expand soon. We ordered for Mojito and Berry Cooler priced at around Rs. 89 each. The quantity was sufficient – just right for one person. I usually fear the huge heavy glasses restaurants often serve mocktails in. I mean, I just cannot consume a barrel full of soda, please. So, this was just right. For the food, we chose Garden Salad and Chicken Parma with Cheese and Fries. The chicken dish costed around Rs. 300.


When the food came, I was almost scared of the quantity – there was this huge piece of chicken on a huge pan and it was covered in cheese and surrounded by fries. Despite not having eaten since 3 am (or whatever the time was when I was mid-air between Singapore and India), there was no way I could have finished this. But well, once I dug a fork into it, I couldn’t stop. The food was good. The fries were warm and melt-in-mouth types and the chicken was deliciously crispy and succulent. I must say that though I do not enjoy crispy food items (I have to instruct restaurant guys to get for me a soft tandoori roti, missi roti or dosa), I did enjoy this one. After a tiring journey, this was just the comfort meal I needed.



I do not like vegetables much, especially in their raw form, and so wasn’t keen on tasting the salad but when I did, it had my approval too. The initial quantity served was less and when my friend pointed it out, the owner brought another portion without request. This was a nice gesture and did contribute towards building goodwill which probably was his intent. Whether such gestures will continue in future, only time will tell.



All this costed us Rs. 600 approx. Worth going once in a while.

This is a place to go when you are feeling happy, cheery and charged up. Only then you can enjoy the music and the exciting vibes that this place generates. The airy windows will only fuel your energy more.

Go there for the food. If not that, go for the music. If not, you can always go there for sports.

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11 thoughts on “Live… It is–Restaurant Review

  1. Beautifully written.. Can’t wait to dig in there..

  2. Really it seems to be a very beautiful place…nice yummy food too…

  3. looks like a cool place…wl have to check it out!

  4. Kaval

    amazing place for sure! good to see such places come up in the city…must visit !

  5. NS..Really it seems to be a very beautiful place…well bt i dnt rememberd wen i came,,u be ther or as of now we wanted to share ur profile to us aeap. hope u will. thnks: Milap Panchal

  6. Unita

    This is a good review. I would just like to say: we do not jump upon an opportunity, we jump at it 🙂 It would be very interesting for me to know if this restaurant still exists – I visited it when I was in Baroda and they did not seem to be doing all that much business … 🙂 All the best to them, anyway, and to you!:)

    • Thanks! I think they took off well, I loved their food but later their focus shifted from food to hosting parties and organizing shows and stuff. The last time I went there, the restaurant had been converted into a disc.

      PS: Corrected!

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