Danny’s Coffee….. Now in Baroda !!

I vaguely remember M telling me last week about the newly opened Danny’s coffee shop on Jetalpur Road. Harried because of work pressure, I did not think about it because I really did not have energy for food adventures. I cajoled myself out on this hot windy Sunday morning to check out an exhibition on Jetalpur Road and M reminded me of Danny’s once I mentioned that I was hungry. She suspected that it was the same coffee joint we’d visited to in Ahmedabad. I pooh-poohed her notion saying – No way. That coffee shop was some shady joint famous only because it was a favourite of college kids (and subsequently due to the famous cold coffee). Not happening here!

The moment we stepped in and took in the plastic chairs and tables and the rough looking men, I got a feeling that she was right.

We ignored the sandwiches and other snacks on the menu and straightaway ordered for cold coffees. The moment of recognition was simultaneous – I read the text ‘Danny’s Coffee, Ahmedabad’ on the plastic cup and M felt it in the taste. It is indeed the same one.

We were too engrossed in our talks and did not notice things other than the bright graffiti on the wall behind and the cigarette smoke. We ultimately had 2 glasses each.






I admit that though the cold coffee was good it wasn’t as yummy as it had been in Ahmedabad.

Nevertheless, Danny’s is a welcome addition to Baroda’s food line. I’d like to bring more friends here and introduce them to Danny’s Coffee.

This tiny shop is located at the back of the complex beside Pizza Inn (and Bathworld) on Jetalpur Road. It is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Though I did enjoy having cold coffee on a windy Sunday noon in this empty, barely furnished joint, I’d like to see it swarming with college and school kids soon.

PS: Who wouldn’t love this wall art. Pictures added later on after a second visit in Aug 2012.

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4 thoughts on “Danny’s Coffee….. Now in Baroda !!

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