Bombay has become so crowded in the last 5 years that I cannot go back to living there. But still, Bombay revives my senses everytime I visit. It makes me sit back and smile and several times tsk-tsk at the filth and poverty. Bombay gives freedom and space to each person to rightfully be their own self. It makes you strong and mature. Many outsiders do not like this wild city. But I must say, Bombay grows on you. You fall in love with it ultimately. Every person must spend some time in Bombay and let its essence soak in.

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2 thoughts on “Bombay

  1. Rightly said, its not worth staying in Bombay if you have to travel 2 hours one way – and you end up spending four hours of every single day away from home, your family, your ‘Me’ time and everything else that matters. Unless and until you stay 15-30 mins away from your workplace, its just not worth it. But yes, the city definitely has a charm. It can tempt you into staying long and at the end of the term you wouldn’t even realize it!

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