Aurobindo Ashram, Vadodara

Aurobindo Ashram used to be the residence of spiritual guru and teacher, Shri Aurobindo when he was in Baroda in the capacity of Maharaja Sayajirao’s private secretary from 1894 to 1906. The bunglow, a grand red brick structure, is nestled between lovely gardens. The tall towers and white wooden windows give this bungalow old English feel.

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The ashram is open to anyone who would be interested in meditation, spirituality or Shri Aurobindo or The Mother. The Mother, originally known as Mirra Alfassa, was a disciple and collaborator of shri Aurobindo. She founded the ashram and Trust. Shri Aurobindo believed her to be the incarnation of Mother Divine and hence named her The Mother.

The premises are well maintained and clean. The ground floor consists of a library, the ashram office, an exhibition hall and a tiny shop selling natural products like soaps, honey, fragrance oils; products of medicinal value like massagers, medicines; incense sticks and books. A memorial stands beside the main bungalow.

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The meditation hall is on the first floor. I was expecting a single, huge meditation hall but was surprised to see a maze of several big and small inter-connected rooms. Nothing except peace and tranquillity existed there. There was a lone man there totally lost in another world, oblivious to our presence. Despite the heavy traffic outside, light noise of which managed to seep in, there was some kind of a peaceful vacuum inside these rooms. M, who is interested in spirituality, decided to come back here later for meditating.

aurobindo aashram 8_effected

For those not interested in spirituality, the building itself is quite an enticement.

Their official website is

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6 thoughts on “Aurobindo Ashram, Vadodara

  1. Very beautiful narrative and pictures. I never knew of this. Will definitely try to be there next when I travel to Baroda. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks! M glad you appreciate this enough to put it on your list. I’ll be happy to help!

  2. Seems like a nice place to me.

  3. How easy and affordable it is to enter this Ashrama? The one in Pune appears to discourage locals with high entry fee and focuses on foreign nationals

  4. This one was easy. No entry free. No restriction on moving around at own pace and taking photographs. Didn’t know there is an Aurobindo Ashram in Pune too. Have heard of the Pondi one.

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