VarieTEA: A place for conversations. And tea.

After M told me about her VarieTEA experience, I decided I HAD to visit.

There was only one snag – I do not take tea. How could I experience a tea speciality place without actually consuming its offering?

So, I dragged some of my friends there a couple of times so that they could enjoy the tea (with or without their willingness) and I could enjoy the aura of the place.


That’s what touched me about VarieTEA – its ambience. The neat wallpaper, the glossy wooden wall panels, the wooden mesh furniture and cute tea pots. This is why I wanted to visit VarieTea again and again – its antiqueness. Its small-town-ness. I have never been to Darjeeling or those quaint East Indian towns. But I can guess that their tea shops would look like this.




VarieTEA offers all kinds of tea – hot and cold, with and without milk, fruit and flower flavoured, spicy and mild. I decided, even if I do not drink tea ever and am not inclined towards it, these flavoured teas wouldn’t harm. And anyway, I was curious to taste the Green Apple, Vanilla and Guava flavoured teas. Wouldn’t you be?

Rarely have I seen the place crowded. It is always scantily populated. The maximum I saw was on this Sunday late afternoon when around 6 tables were full. It was disappointing to see people coming here just for the sake of food, and not for conversations. Yes, they do have enough food to offer – pastas, buns, pizzas, sandwiches and shakes – but this clearly is no reason why one should be solely coming here. This place has actually much more to offer than just food. This joint is a facilitator for thinking, mulling or communicating.

So far, I have tried that Hot Chocolate drink and Vanilla Tea; both were amazing. The sandwiches and pizzas are presented well and were reasonably good. The teas are rated at around ‘Sixtea’ to ‘Ninetea’. The service can be slow, the untrained waiters can mix up orders but that’s ok when you come here with lot of time in hand.




Come here on a quiet afternoon or a lazy Sunday morning. Bring your own book or leaf through the pages of the magazines kept in a corner. The TV is muted and music system is always turned low. It won’t disturb your reading or tête-à-tête. Ring the bell if you need something.

And who knows, the staff may just gift you a pack of one of their speciality teas. We got Peppermint Tea.

~ ~ ~

Location: Jetalpur Road, Vadodara.

PS: I have heard that VarieTea, Baroda has closed down. (Added May ’14)

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24 thoughts on “VarieTEA: A place for conversations. And tea.

  1. Charming. There is a place near where I stay called “The Stolen Coffee Room” and I am now inspired to write about it.

    Will you please take me around Vadodara when I come there? Pretty please 🙂

  2. this really looks like a very quaint cozy place.. and a wonderful concept too.

  3. Great post. Loved the way you have described the ambience and the tea on offer, even though it is from a non-tea-drinker’s perspective. I love tea, and I will surely be here when I visit Baroda.

  4. Nisha

    Charming. More than anything else I liked the header image. 😀

  5. beautiful photographs – I love the treatment – seems just right for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

  6. I think the amount of people I have dragged to Varietea, they need to start giving me free tea 😛

    Jokes aside, loved the snaps 🙂

    • U totally deserve free tea! Its only because of your first-visit story that I have been tempted to go there 🙂

  7. Radhika

    Very nicely written I just read ur blog of sardar sarovar & varitea (i m going to read more often now) as v were present at that time too it was fun wid entertainment of others present over there.(Mansee would agree wid that). M & Noopur tasted d free tea that v got 😉

    • Thanks for going through, Radhika! The trip was particularly fun with you 2 around. I hope I get to meet you guys again!

  8. Sounds nice…the bell reminds of the bell at my nani’s pooja ghar…She had similar type of pooja bell. I loved this post and this bell ring the bell of old memories 🙂

  9. Ab

    I had a chance to go to this place with a very special friend for a tet -a-tet …the flavored tea along with a awesome company makes the place worth visiting…

    • Care to visit again with that special friend and revisit the whole experience again?

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  11. I plan to visit Gujarat for a month and have been reading all your posts related to Gujarat. Useful blog…. Thanks for sharing all this information.

    PS: I plan to visit VarieTEA.

    • Hi. Glad to know that my posts are helpful. Let me know your reviews. Unfortunately, VarieTea has closed down. You can try other places though. Actually, you can try Pyaaz Kachori at Gangaur (It is in the same row as VarieTea, beside Kalavesh boutique).

  12. Thanks for suggesting another place… I have made a note of it

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