Hazira Maqbara, Vadodara

Our quest for seeing all the hidden historic treasures of Baroda took M and me to Hazira Maqbara (also known as Qutubuddin Tomb) on a sultry, hot Sunday. This monument is the tomb of Qutubuddin Muhammed Khan and his son (the latter occupied important position in Administration of the city). This tomb, which was built in 1856, is significant because Qutubuddin Khan was the tutor of Salim, son of King Akbar who was ruling Vadodara city that time.



The plaque at the entrance of the huge green premises explains that there is a step well a little away from the tomb and was perhaps used to water the vast gardens in earlier times. The monument is extremely beautiful. I was quite amazed to see this masterpiece which still stands in its full glory and mystique.

The tomb is located on a height in octagonal shape with beautiful delicate jaali work walls and tall windows and arches. Several tombs are kept inside smaller rooms that are also open to worshippers and visitors. An interesting story was told by the lady caretaker (who was quite taken by M and me, apparently, because she refused to leave our side). There is a tiny room in which a tomb is laid out at an odd angle. She informed us that originally the tomb was placed parallel to the wall but over years it shifted on its own.





The monument area is clean and very well maintained. Entry is open to everyone and its quietness draws locals quite often. People come and sit there for spending some quiet time. That is what M and I did too. We sat and chatted in this rarely found serene spot amid a growing city.

The architecture is comparable to any Mughal monument of Delhi or Agra. It is one of the finest monuments of Vadodara that must not be missed by tourists and locals alike.


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24 thoughts on “Hazira Maqbara, Vadodara

  1. Beautiful pictures yaar! Loved them! Could feel the calmness.


    Keyur 🙂

  2. Just a suggestion – Please add the word ‘Baroda’ too in the tags because a large number of people will search using that word 🙂

  3. Ekta is from Baroda, even she did not know about it.. thanks a lot ! Will visit it 🙂

    • That is the sad part! These monuments are even hidden from locals maybe because nothing is done to promote them.. I am glad people are coming to know of these through my blog..

  4. Nice, more than half of the historical monuments were built by muslims I suppose, nice one,,

    • Thanks! Quite true. Some of the finest architecture in India is Mughal. Not many of them in Gujarat but whatever is there has been well maintained, luckily.

  5. Ypu have an awesome travel blog. Keep travelling!!


  6. Amazing pics NS!

    • Thanks, M! Thanks for being my travel partner !! All this would not have happened without you..

  7. It is always a pleasure to get an opportunity to visit some ancient historical monuments. The pictures depict the Mughal architecture. The place seems to be mesmerizing and seems to offer peace and tranquility. Thanks for sharing your experience of visiting a historic monument as well as the details about it is quite helpful.

  8. Nice info & pics-i will visit it when i go to Baroda.

  9. I am enjoying my virtual Baroda ki sair through your posts. And one day, hopefully very soon, I will do a real one. 🙂

    Thanks, NS.

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