Snacks @ Kirti Mandir

Did you know, Kirti Mandir, another marvellous architecture built by the Gaekwads, has a little eating joint tucked away in a silent corner? The eating joint is located opposite the majestic main structure and is nestled between two Shivji temples. The café which is commonly hit by collegians and young couples has some basic tables and chairs placed in a covered area; though you also have the choice of dragging chairs out to sit in the open beneath a dense tree. Sit there, in midst of old houses and greenery and enjoy some hot bhajiyas with tea.




They do not have an extensive menu, just some basic bhajiyas, tea and coffee but I can vouch for them. You won’t be disappointed.

Even though it is situated on the busy Kothi Road, Kirti Mandir is quiet. It is pleasurable enjoying coffee while facing traditional houses, chaste temples and graceful wall art.





The only disappointing thing is that the joint closes at 7 pm every day and is closed on Sundays. They have the potential of developing the cafe further by adding more food varieties and extending the timings.


An amusing sign board in the open canteen on Sunday. Reads: Today canteen is closed. So, do not sit here, come here or roam around here.

Kirti Mandir is a cenotaph of the Gaekwads. The many rooms contain statues and paintings of important ancestors of the Royal family. The main hall is now used for satsangs and traditional functions or competitions on occasions like Diwali.




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17 thoughts on “Snacks @ Kirti Mandir

  1. good pictures and nice to learn about a nice little eating place…. discovery of such hidden gems is what travel is all about.. thnks

  2. Another smile-producing piece by you. You are doing great NS 🙂

  3. Nice snaps!!

  4. awesome snaps 🙂 🙂

  5. indrani

    Good you translated the sign. Great pics from place.

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