R C Dutt Road: A Fusion Of Antiquity And Contemporary

Vadodara, a.k.a. The Cultured City, has a rich history that is apparent from the sprinkle of historic monuments and old traditional buildings all around the city. At a crossroad between Productivity Road and Jetalpur Road, one can spot a church-like structure at a distance. There is a majestic government office located on Jetalpur road which I always stare at while passing. The station area and the area near Parsi Agyari ground has old houses that are not very well maintained but still exude an old world charm.

R C Dutt road is my favourite portion of Vadodara for its glittery shops, haven of food and old fashioned structures. These huge, old structures that are laid far away from the main road, after an expanse of overgrown grass and long driveways, are probably converted into government offices or guest houses or given away to senior government officials for stay.

I have been enthralled by them and have always wanted to look at them closely. I got the opportunity recently when we visited Ramkrishna Mission (earlier known as Dilaram Bungalow). This is another spiritual setting open to all interested visitors.





Right opposite Dilaram Bungalow are two majestic bungalows. The attractive carved boundary and elaborate gateposts seem to have been made during the time of Maharajas.




Had it not been for the scary dog that kept us away, we would have managed a closer look at this red brick structure. We took photos from the gate while an attendant peered as us curiously from the veranda.




We managed to trespass into the other one’s premises. We have no idea what this bungalow is currently used for. As compared to the two, I found this one more charming. I was quite taken in by the creepers and stained glass windows. The grounds of the bungalow – the garden and driveway – were ignored and ill maintained. Yet, it was the charisma of the bungalow that took our breath away.




Vadodara has been very familiar and comforting for me. I have been seeing the same walls and buildings since childhood. I have actually resided here only for 10 months but how lovely this time has been! I made more friends and I learnt new things. I would love to stay here forever.

But I am spending my last few days here. Heavens now how much I am going to miss this big little city.

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15 thoughts on “R C Dutt Road: A Fusion Of Antiquity And Contemporary

  1. Brings back fond memories of walking on this road when traffic was minimal.

  2. Loved the post like always! Being a worshiper of Swami Vivekananda, his pictures give me immense pleasure. And after knowing Swamiji stayed at this place, I have a developed a great interest to visit it 🙂

  3. Beautifully captured!!

  4. Nice narration and photographs.


  5. Such charming buildings. 🙂

  6. snow

    i think the other structure named farmaji bunglow is also there behind railway station .. do need to look on that

  7. pal

    i did manage to get inti that red -cream buliding and dogs did bothered us. That buliding is of former chief engineer/ architect of baroda state in whose tenure notable bulidings are bulit (of course, with aide of foreign architect’s design).Now their decendents are living there and recent renovation costed them fortunes. This is all i am told. P.S interoirs -especially giant pot, very artistic.

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