Salsa Habanero, Vadodara

M wanted to take me to this place since a long time. She was all praise for this joint, which has been started by a sweet NRI couple. Whether she loved the setting more or the concept or the food wasn’t known till I went there this Saturday evening.

This food joint, open in evenings only on weekends, is located in a quiet section of Samta Road. A small, clean enclosure has been created in the front side of the proprietor’s bungalow. You can wait on the single bench there and gaze at the handmade posters or lovingly written messages displayed all around.

They have a small menu of only vegetarian dishes but for once I was not disappointed. I can safely say that I did not know how Mexican tasted like because all my previous experiences with this cuisine have been disappointing. So I was quite open to what Salsa Habanero was going to offer to me.

M selected Quesadillas and a Burrito for me. After taking my first bite into the Quesadillas, I knew I had hit home. It was heavenly. Homemade kind of heavenly. And more importantly wholesome, healthy and light. No wonder, I was never able to appreciate the so-called Mexican food served in restaurants in Baroda. That probably was not Mexican.

The Burrito was huge. So much that I kept it aside for breakfast for next day and had half of it for lunch.

I am excited about trying out more of their dishes. I just wish I had more time in Baroda.

This establishment has been started clearly out of passion and not for commercial purposes. No wonder, the result is exceptional.

If you are in Baroda and are craving for Mexican food, look no more. Head straight to Salsa Habanero.

More details on their website.

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14 thoughts on “Salsa Habanero, Vadodara

  1. meowpurrs

    I do love Mexican food. Veggie is good as they tend to cook with lard which is unhealthy! Awesome post and tempting too…

  2. Nice Sumptuous Review!

  3. Sounds like a good place 😀

  4. Thanks for the awsome review, it was a pleasure to serve up some real mexican fair. Keep up your travels.

  5. I have crossed this place so many times on my way and every time I make a note that we have to come here and it just slips… :0. I think your review gave a bit more of a push 🙂

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  7. karan dharia

    Im finally returning to baroda after two years from california, I cannot wait to eat this authentic mexican food. Was here every weekend while in dental school in baroda. Best mexican food in gujarat made with tons of love and passion- see you this weekend !

    • Am glad you have found good mexican food outside of California. I must say, they are better than any Mexican food served in CA!

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