In an ignored corner of Jambughoda Heritage Resort, are these abandoned structures. Once used as stables, now these blocks are lying unattended. Thankfully, they weren’t full of garbage; just some broken furniture and remains of construction parts.





This area is located right opposite the front of the palace (the parking lot and garden in between them) but no visitors go there, I am sure. Except these.


The only ray of optimism in this unnoticed area is this tiny water body.

I was quite charmed by this spot because lonely, empty spaces appeal to me.



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11 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Bhavesh

    I recently discovered your blog. And I absolutely love it! Your language seems to me like you are a character from Chetan Bhagat!

  2. Bhavesh

    Please add some more info about yourself. I want to know the camera which you use and your photo-editing software. I’m fan of travel photography blog. The interest started with http://www.stuckincustoms.com.

    • Thank you for so much appreciation. I use a canon 550d and edit with pixlr. I have resided in Baroda for last 11 months. Now im moving to U.S..

  3. Nice to see some dilapidated structures. The penultimate image would have been even better if the house in the background would have been the stable rather than a new cemented structure.

  4. Good to see you capturing such abandoned buildings. For many, these might appear as just old furniture and buildings but somehow I find them very interesting. That barbed wire picture is the best of all.

    Cheers 🙂

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