Why Gujarat Tourism Rocks

While states like Rajasthan, Kerala & Goa have been attracting heaps of tourists since several years, one state has been silently, but warmly, inviting people. Gujarat. Little do people know about Gujjuland’s rich offerings and though most people go running to famous destinations like Jaipur and Shimla for vacations, ardent travellers (even Indians) come here with enough curiosity. Gujarat has spellbinding palaces (many of which have been converted into heritage hotels), tombs, mosques, forts and festivals to boast of.

Before my recent trip to Kerala, I spent time going through Kerala Tourism website and was mighty impressed. I appreciate the importance given by Government on tourism. This is exactly what I felt when I went through Gujarat Tourism website. For a state which does not have tourism as its main earning source, making such a splendid website is a big deal. Snagging Amitabh Bacchan to promote their state is also a big BIG deal.

I absolutely love the Gujarat Tourism logo. It depicts a lion (representing Gir Sanctuary) and a border design boasting of our rich crafts.

Guj tourism 1

The home page has a photo slideshow of various destinations along with a warm welcome note.

Because the state is so diverse and there is so much to see / do here – from monuments to fairs to beaches to palaces, the website has categorized destinations according to areas and categories.

Guj tourism 2

Guj tourism destination categories

The most interesting section according to me is the heritage hotels section. I did not know that there are some 21 palaces converted into hotels in Gujarat! How I would love to visit them all! I have visited just one of them – House of MG, Ahmedabad – and must say that it is amazing. Everyone who visits Ahmedabad, must dine in this hotel.

Guj tourism heritage hotels

In fact, I came to know of many places and monuments only after going through this website. And that’s how my feet took me to the interiors of Baroda to look at hidden monuments.

The importance laid on tourism is also evident from promotions done locally. Regular supplements, in the form of booklets, are given along with popular newspapers. I have read two on Gujarat Handicrafts and Monuments.

In August, Sardar Sarovar Dam was at the peak of its glory and thus frequented by lots of people. Gujarat Tourism put up banners all along the way, exhibiting various destinations. A huge stall was put up where huge photographs were lined up again in different categories – festivals, temples, monuments, forts, etc. A detailed map of the state showed monuments, food and items each town or city was famous for. This was one impressive work. A television showed tourism videos featuring Amitabh Bacchan. I was seeing those videos for the first time and was quite spellbound by them.




It was quite sad than no one was as mesmerized as we were. There were more people getting themselves photographed against the dummy decorative animals than studying the photographs. They must be proud of the kind of promotion and preservation Government is doing for their state’s history.

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21 thoughts on “Why Gujarat Tourism Rocks

  1. I have been to Adalaj and Champaner in Gujarat. Planning my trip to Junagarh and Gir now 🙂

    • I missed Junagadh! It has fantastic forts and mosques.. Do post up some pics if and when you visit.

  2. I do virtual tour through Gujarat tourism website. Many sites have very detailed content too. As of now most sites are informative. Hope it will be interacive soon.

  3. Gujrat has been promoting tourism aggressively for quite some time. Hope to visit the state soon.


  4. I’ve been planning a trip to Gujarat and specially Kutch for ages now – maybe you can give me some help in planning this? I think the winter season would be the best time to visit, right?

    • The Rann of Kutch festival, undoubtedly!! It attracts foreigners too and it is AMAZING. http://www.rannutsav.com/

      This year it starts from 15th Dec and goes on till 31st Jan.

      Also, we have this Sun Temple in Modhera. They have their dance festival around 14th Jan (http://www.festivalsofindia.in/modhera/). You can find some photos of the temple in my Ahmedabad page.

      You can combine the 2 festivals plus see other places like Somnath, Dwarka along with..

  5. hey, Kutch in december looks like a possibility – give me some gyan please? My emai idl is on my blog – think you can email me so I can ask you a hundred questions about planning my trip? (I would’ve emailed you but can’t find your contact details anywhere here)

  6. What do you find in Gujarat ? More or less what you can find in Rajasthan ( except beaches). But in Rajasthan, it is more beautiful, more colourful, it is much more organized, they have the experience, they know what tourists like. In the long run, Gujarat can not compete with Rajasthan. It suits tourists who want to avoid crowds, who are looking for something may be more authentic…

    • Well, Guj still differs from Rajasthan in many ways. Both states have some charm / USP of their own…

  7. I really appreciate that the way you describing and appreciate too for the appreciation of Government towards tourism. Hope you’ll post more. Great…….

    • Thanks. With the kind of work Guj Tourism is doing, you can’t ignore it. It is worth noticing and appreciating..

  8. The state of Gujarat boasts of being the land of the legend. It is located with natural locations like forests and deserts, hills , plains, sea and fresh water lakes, modern industrialization. So every body likes to visit the Gujarat. Useful information, thanks to share with us. See more information about rural places in India here Rural Tourism in India .

  9. Ya gujarat tourism is best. Nice post and images too. If you are a type of traveler and explorer. Then Do visit.Roadies

  10. Gujarat is one of the best place in India. There are many attractions in Gujarat. Me and my friends are planning to go Gujarat after 2 months. Can any one tell me which places we have to cover? See more information about Tourist Places in India .

  11. Mike

    last time I have visited kutch rann utsav that time kutch travel(http://www.kutchtravels.com/) really helps me to enjoy the rann utsav. It is good place to visit in Gujarat tourism.

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