Summing Up 2012

If Divya from Tipsy from the Trip hadn’t have tagged me, I would never have thought of doing a retrospection. Now that the year has ended and most of my exploring and blogging has happened in 2012, I am excited to write about it.

Towards the end of 2011, I moved to Vadodara and life changed. Vadodara, also known as the Cultural Capital of Gujarat, has a rich history and lots of architecture, festivals and the like happening throughout the year. To top it all, I made a wonderful friend, M, who was equally enthusiastic and accompanied me for all silly/risky/vague explorations, most of which turned out to be fruitful. With her, I have seen the best architecture in and near Baroda, had some excellent food, met some great people and did lots of shopping.

I travelled a lot – in India, outside India and within my city. I bought a SLR, experimented more with photography and zeroed down on my niche – old architecture and food.

I have recently moved to the US post marriage and there is no old architecture here to photograph! This is a clean concrete city and I will not get rustic elements here. Let’s see how my blog transforms, going forward.

As of now, here is my 2012 round up.

1. Most beautiful post: Champaner – Date with heritage.

I have not taken better pictures with a Point & Shoot. Champaner deserves more credit and attention that it currently gets.

2. Most popular post: Dhundhiraj Ganpati Temple

This beautiful, historic temple is special. It was my last expedition in Baroda during my last days there. This was a mystery temple which when finally found gave us immense happiness. The temple is hidden from localites and it made me happy to be telling about it to the world. This post also got the maximum comments.

3. Most helpful post: Hazira Maqbara

Many localites don’t know about this grand Mughal structure in Baroda and this post made them aware of it. I hope, more people will now visit and appreciate this beauty!

4. Most controversial post: None yet!

5. A post whose success surprised me: Magic of doors and windows

I wrote this long ago. The photos aren’t great and I didn’t know giving effects back then. People liked the pics a lot!

6. A post that did not get the attention it deserved: Back to you

I thought the photos were pretty cute!

7. A post I am proud of: Tambekar Wada or Sevasi Stepwell?!

Can’t decide!

These are great historic monuments that hardly anyone knows of. I think I did my favourite city proud by visiting, taking good pictures and writing about them so that people get impressed and visit!

2013 is an all new beginning. New country. New climate. New surroundings. Total new style!

And I am so looking forward to bringing my best out in this new year!

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13 thoughts on “Summing Up 2012

  1. A very very Happy New Year to you, NS. And congratulations on your marriage too 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to revisit these fantastic posts of yours. I don’t know how I missed reading the Dhundiraj Ganpati Temple, or magic of doors and windows (PS. I have a …um… fetish for doors and photograph them too), or Back to you or Tambekar wada or …

    They are all great posts, but my favourite is the Dhundiraj Ganpati Temple. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more about your travels in the US of A.

    • Hello! Thank u.. Happy New Year to you too !! I have been so out of touch because of so many changes and things happening,,, I am settling down now; so I should be back! My first US post is out.. Take a look. U might like it !!

      PS: Good to find someone who also has fetish for doors and windows..

  2. Hey NS!! I had a wonderful time exploring Gujju Land with you 🙂 we did miss out on quite a few places so lets hope that sometime in the future, we are again able to plan a holiday together!!

    Miss you big time !!

    Keep exploring, keep writing girl!

    • Heyyy I miss u a lot. 😦 I don’t think I can ever find a travel partner like u !

      Why don’t you start writing about Bangalore!!??

  3. That was a nice way to sum up the year. I am sure you would continue the good work in 2013 as well. All the best! Very Happy New Year 🙂



  4. Neha, first of all, congratulations and all the very best for a great married life.
    Hey, happy New Year too.

    And now — welcome to the neighbourhood. 😉 You’ll love it here.

    Don’t let go of that love for architecture. Just go see SF. It’s a charming city and you’ll fall head over heals in love with it. 🙂

    I’m sure 2013 will be a great year too. Happy travel blogging!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the welcome! I am yet to pick up here.. Everything is still so new. Of course, its not even been a month but I am getting impatient! I’ll just approach you or your blog if I feel lost!

  5. Hi, read your post and felt it should be nominated for Liebster Award. Please check this link on my blog

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