Berryessa Flea Market, San Jose

I had a very fascinating motion of flea markets when I came here. I had seen pictures on some blogs before and totally loved the idea of a colourful, lively market where one could find interesting finds. And so I was dying to visit one.

I turned out to be lucky. The biggest flea market in San Jose happens to be 5 minutes away from our house. Last Sunday, weather was beautiful – sunny and warm – perfect for a day outing. Yippie!

This flea market is located in a huge space and even though it was pretty crowded at 2 pm, we had no difficulty moving around.

We meandered through broad and narrow lanes of sellers selling everything under the sun – jewellery, clothes, shoes, soaps, electronics, ear phones, kitchenware, cosmetics, bags, baby clothes, toilet cleaners, hats, country clothing, boots, vintage crockery.. phew! It took us a while to sink into the expanse. I was enthralled at the idea of buying handy stuff (like washing brushes and floor mats) at cheap rates.

Flea market SJ 3

Flea market 2

Flea market 3

Flea market berryessa

Flea market berryessa 1

Flea MArket SJ

And yeah, haggling is allowed!

A flea market is like a family outing spot. Because there is something for everyone. There is food, there are toys, there are clothes, there is face painting. And some pretty entertaining sights.

Flea market 1

So, everyone is entertained.

This reminded me of the many exhibitions I have seen in Baroda with M. One of the many good things in the flea market is that one can take photographs freely! No one is stopped from taking photographs of the stalls and products, unlike in India.

Flea market san jose

Flea market san jose 1

Flea market san jose 2

Flea market san jose 3

The most crowded area is the fruits and vegetables section. Basic fruits and veggies to dried spices to exotic fruits to fresh breads – everything found its way into this colourful aisle. We ended up buying some basic veggies, yummy soft cinnamon bread and the most heavenly honey ever. Most fruits and veggies were of the same price as supermarkets but we did find some different variety of fruits that are not available elsewhere. Things like eggs turned out to be much cheaper.

Flea MArket SJ 2

Flea market berryessa 3

If you become a regular at flea markets or farmer’s markets, you would know what to buy there. Also, it becomes convenient if these markets are close to your place of residence.

I know for sure that I am going to be a regular visitor at this flea market. I didn’t get to explore it fully this time. I am sure there are many treasures yet to be discovered by me.

The Berryessa flea market is open on Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun. For more details, visit their website.

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22 thoughts on “Berryessa Flea Market, San Jose

  1. Lovely snaps NS! and thats what I felt too. The market looks so similar to the exhibitions we used to attend at Vadodara. (except the veggies part! thank god for that- clubbing veggies with exhibits in India would not be the best idea ;))

    • Haha. True!

      You can’t believe, how much this experience reminded me of our trips to exhibitions..

  2. This is lovely NS! And once again, very smartly captured.

    Cheers 🙂

  3. Colourful and vibrant. Nice post.

    • Thank u. Thanks to the flea market, i enjoyed taking photographs so much.. It was so interesting..

  4. In NZ the supermarkets have too many things needlessly wrapped in too much plastic or thermocole. The flea markets are cheaper with fresh, local and therefore environmentally friendly produce. Only, on a bad day or in winter the supermarkets provide warmth, shelter and comfort.

    • So true. I dont think anything in a supermarket is real.

      Roaming around a flea market on a sunny day is the best experience!

  5. Lovely snaps.
    Flea markets are fun market. It’s cheaper, has variety and you get to see the real local people.

  6. I have been wanting to visit this market from god-knows-how-long. I still haven’t made it. Lovely pics. I am so tempted, probably I will go there this weekend 🙂

    • Oh u must.. Now u know what to expect there.. Do buy wildflower honey there. U can taste before buying 🙂

  7. Lovely images and writing… the desaturated tone is nice

  8. Nice images… the vintage colors are nice…

  9. Love those pictures!!!
    I visited this flea market a couple of years ago and had to leave almost as soon as we got there as the little one was littler and got all cranky. 😦 He’d love it if we went there again. Your pics make me want to walk through there asap. 🙂

    • Oh yes.Now is the time. You can explore it better this time..

      and oh, you are back!

  10. I love Flea Markets. I cheap and colorful stuff we get there, that’s unbeatable compared to branded stores. I ‘ve got antique stuffs to cheap trinket jewels in the markets. It’s fun!

    • Really? That is something I missed this time, getting unique antiques and stuff because I was too overwhelmed by all the variety. I’ll look out next time!!

  11. Fascinating, again!

    I have never visited a proper flea market. I am sure it would be a wonderful experience. Would love to do so sometime! 🙂

  12. lovely capture 🙂

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