La Lune Sucree, San Jose – Review

I love bakeries and coffee shops and if they happen to be European, nothing like it. La Lune Sucree might be the answer to all those wanting to break the monotony of American food chains; wanting variety; wanting something different.

LLS is a quaint bistro located on the cobblestoned pedestrian pathway of Paseo de San Antonio in Downtown San Jose. We happened to be there on an evening, when most office crowd had left and the place was quiet. While sitting on those cute wrought iron chairs, staring at the cute balconies of apartments opposite the cafe, I felt I was sitting in some sidewalk cafe of Prague. Or Austria.

La Lune Sucree

La Lune Sucree

And who can resist those glimmering moist tarts, sugar coated croissants and almond crusted scones. La Lune Sucree offers various types of crepes, sandwiches, breads, coffees and European drinks and fresh jam jars that you can take away. What a delight to find coffees other than Mocha, Latte and Cappucino. Mysterious names like Noisette, Cafe au Lait and Affogato are much more inviting! Even their crepes have interesting names like Moon over Germany, Moon over Austria (which we chose) and Moon over Italy (La Lune Sucrée means The Sweet Moon). Oh, how fascinated I am with everything European! Choosing a small menu was difficult because they had all kinds of fruit tarts, crepes, croissants and breads. Next time, next time, we said to ourselves.

La Lune Sucree

La Lune Sucree

The food was worth the wait. Good food to melt away the day’s tiredness. But the quantity of each item is enough for just one person.

La Lune Sucree

Noisette (Coffee with Nutella)

La Lune Sucree

Moon over Austria (French crepe with Almonds, Apple, Cinnamon, Vanilla Sugar). Notice the European style crockery

While they did not have the entire variety of cakes and tarts displayed that day, their Facebook page mentions yummy desserts like Lemon Mousse, Apricot Tart, Ollalaberry Cream Cheese Puffs, Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake and so many other specialities with photos to make you drool. Though, I am not sure if a lot of variety will be available all times.

They are open till 8 pm on weekdays and till 5 pm on Sundays (we went there one Sunday and had to return because they were closed). They open early (at 8 am) and you can grab something delicious before work. You can order in advance online or by using any of the apps mentioned on their site. They accept cake orders too. Their Facebook page has a lot of information that one can use.

Next time you want to have something different, something European, head towards La Lune Sucree. And do take a patio table.

Would I go there again? Definitely!

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14 thoughts on “La Lune Sucree, San Jose – Review

  1. nice review of a beautiful restaurant and food looks yummy too 😀

  2. Yummy:) M a huge fan of coffee and pastries. It looks awesome and capuccino is sumthg to die for. cheers!

  3. Mouth-watering food.

  4. Sounds like an interesting place. Will try to visit it next time I am anywhere near Downtown 🙂

  5. Mmm…looks great. There’s a bakery I want to take you to. 😉

  6. This is beautiful………….!!

  7. Awesome!!!!Yummy

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