Fort Kochi’s Old World Charm

Rustic. Quaint. Charming. These are some words that describe Fort Kochi. Fort Kochi is a historic area within the city of Cochin. This is one of the hottest tourist spots of Kerala. What makes this place unique is its European flavour. Portuguese, Dutch and British ruled this town at different points of time and left some bit of their respective cultures here. Their influence can be seen in the form of churches, synagogues, museum palaces, English named inns and cemeteries. The town is speckled with lots of old, ornate architecture along with modern fashionable eating joints and boutiques.

fort kochi

A colonial style building at Burgar Street

fort kochi home stays

A homestay – A concept  that is very popular in Fort Kochi

fort kochi streets 1

A typical street in Fort Kochi

When you roam around the streets of Fort Kochi, expect to see lots of bohemian dressed foreigners. Fort Kochi receives lots of foreigners every year. Which is why, they have juxtaposed contemporary facilities with old-India charm. Stylish cafes like Kashi Art Cafe & Tea Pot are new fashioned yet rustic, giving foreigners comfort as well as taste of Indianism.

kashi art cafe fort kochi

kashi art cafe menu

It is very easy to spend 2 days, at the least, in Fort Kochi. There is Mattancherry area that has the Dutch Palace and Jewish Synagogue. Roam around Kunnumpuram, Princess Street or Burgar Street and you will find lots of cute cafes and vintage shops. And then there is Beach Road where one can see Thakur House, St. Francis church, Dutch Cemetery and Chinese Fishing Nets.

It was unfortunate that my friends and I could spend barely one day there.

The whole town is pretty much walkable. That is how you can enjoy the town completely. Walk towards Mattancherry through narrow shopping lanes and the fragrance of fresh spices being ground will overwhelm you. Walk around Mahatma Gandhi Beach and see locals having fun. Walk around St. Francis Church and see huge Dutch bungalows now converted into clubhouses and hotels.

jewtown mattancherry

Jewtown, Mattancherry

Santa Cruz Basilica Fort Kochi

Santa Cruz Basilica

Make a list of famous spots you want to see, for sure, but do spare some time for just loitering around – having a drink or two at a fancy cafe, window shopping at those cute shops or gazing at interesting wall art.

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15 thoughts on “Fort Kochi’s Old World Charm

  1. Nostalgia! Wish we could have stayed one more day and I had not stupidly insisted that we leave for munnar 😦 it was such a charming place with cute cafes and streets! Your snaps just take me back πŸ™‚

    • Ohhhh, we had to cover too many places in 5 days. But when i read abt fort kochi now, i realized how much more there is to see. Sigh!

  2. Beautiful holiday spot. Nicely written and amazing pictures:)

  3. Very captivating description and photographs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely write-up. πŸ™‚

    My husband and I visited Fort Kochi in July, and loved the place. I loved the mix of old-world charm and contemporary that it has to offer. Like you say, it is great to just walk around the place and discover its hidden gems.

    I took the very same picture of Bell House for a post, too. Take a look:

    • Thanks!

      What a coincidence.. Its the same angle.. I loved your other pictures too..

  5. On your blog after quite some time (I remember you by the anklet in the cover photograph). A great post and such beautiful photographs ! When I had gone to Kerala, I could not get the time to roam in Kochi.. seems I missed much

    • Hi Puru,

      I remember your comments on my Baroda monuments posts. Your wife is from BAroda, isn’t she??

      You cannot miss Fort Kochi! This calls for another Kerala visit..!

      • Yes, my wife is from Baroda. With the help of your blog, we hope to explore the city better πŸ™‚

      • There are still a few places I could not visit. I left Baroda before knowing about them. I will cover them some day, I hope!

  6. Love this part of the town. Been here numerous times and love going back again and again. Lovely post!

  7. This post is old but gold. I loved all the pictures, so sweet and nostalgic, reminding one of the old India, it’s fun to read that the whole town is walk-able… Man, reading your blog is making me want to grab my backpack and travel asap! haha Keep it up πŸ™‚

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