Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi

We were really excited to go to Kashi Art Gallery & Cafe. Every time we looked up for good places to go to in Fort Kochi, this name popped up. There were rave reviews everywhere and what wonderful photos of this recently renovated cafe! This was the place to go, for sure.

kashi art cafe fort kochi

kashi art cafe menu

We headed here for a late lunch. Indeed, the place, located at Burgher Street, is beautiful. There is a front gallery that showcases work of local artists.

kashi art cafe decor

kashi art cafe fort kochi (2)

kashi art gallery

The rest of the cafe is also done tastefully. This is a perfect place for enjoying a quiet meal. This is where one can relax and have good conversations with friends. This is one good place where you can study maps and chalk out an itinerary.

kashi art cafe interiors

kashi art cafe interiors (2)

kashi art cafe passage

Their menu is pretty small but from what I have read their breakfast dishes is pretty good. That is what this place is known for. Their French Toast-n- Honey and Omelette is supposed to be good. So is their coffee.

I was sadly let down by their food. I found the food very mediocre. Their Homemade Chocolate Cake, which is another speciality, was so sweet it made me giddy. This place may be just a bit overrated.

salmon sandwich at kashi art cafe

No doubt, the ambience is amazing. Totally my kinda place! Kashi Art Cafe is made to suit foreigners and hip, arty people visiting Fort Kochi. It is worth visiting for a small snack and to enjoy the beautiful interiors.

Moreover, it’s fun wandering in Fort Kochi streets to reach this place.

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15 thoughts on “Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi

  1. Been there two years back. Nice to see the pictures 🙂

  2. Well thought out captures. Beautiful.

  3. hey that’a an awesome place, Kashi Art Cafe. M so interested to visit and love the pics. completely ma thg:)

  4. This is one of the best cafes I have ever been to.


  5. I loved Kashi Art Cafe, too. 🙂 Wonderful place to unwind, as you say.

    The decor was different when we visited, in July.

    I LOVED their home-made chocolate cake! Drooled over it! 🙂

    • Perfect place to unwind..

      I think the place got renovated some years back. Maybe thats why things were different when you visited.

      I don’t know why I had a bad experience with food there. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood! I should go there again and attack that chocolate cake.

  6. wow. i was in kochi for a whole 2 months for my wedding period (the only time ive stayed in kerala though i am from there) and haven’t seen this place. where exactly is it???

    • This is located on Burghar street. It is a pretty popular cafe and the location is populated too. Anyone would know about it.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Would love to visit this during our visit to Kochi.

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