Isabella’s Restaurant, San Jose

Isabella’s is a Peruvian food restaurant at Winchester Boulevard (near Santana Row). I was excited to have a look at the restaurant interiors menu because this was my first experience with South American cuisine. I had no clue what kind of flavour this fare has.



The interiors are done simply with some wall art and some artefacts, probably depicting SA cultures. The place was full even on a Tuesday evening. We were lucky enough to find a corner table.



Our server quickly asked us for drinks. They have some speciality regional drinks also on the menu. You can try those if you feel adventurous.

They are more known for their seafood. They had the best dishes to offer in seafood. Chicken dishes did not seem special. So, we went in for 2 seafood dishes – Fresh Fish Cebiche and Arroz con Mariscos (sautéed seafood with fried rice).

We had to impatiently wait for a while before the dishes arrived. And the seafood-rice dish looked amazing! We barely took a few compulsive photos for this post and divulged! And the taste was heavenly. The seafood (shrimp, mussels, clams) was absolutely fresh. The rice was pleasantly sautéed in peas and light spices (pretty similar to Indian preparation). We stared with remorse at the empty dish after 5 minutes.


Next arrived the Cebiche. This cold dish was served with corn, onions and yam. As many reviews mentioned, it was more lime-y. It was sourer than necessary. If you really like Cebiche and want to order it here, do inform them to make it less sour.


For dessert, we ordered Peruvian Banana Sundae. They did not have Peruvian ice cream and used ice cream. The ice cream (orange and strawberry) was as such good but I did not like the fried banana much. Some people may really like the taste and maybe this dish would actually be nice.


Green sauce served to spice up your meal. Mind you, this sauce is very very spicy

My conclusion is that this place is known for its warm seafood dishes. Their flavoured rice, sautéed seafood and speciality sauces are your best bet. I would love to try the other dishes mentioned under ‘Seafood’ in their menu. The photos look so attractive (check out pictures on their Facebook page). I wish we had not ordered the Cebiche and ordered another rice dish instead.

They are a tad expensive (each main dish costing 15 to 17 bucks). Hence, one can make use of the discount coupons they offer on their website.

I would love to visit them again. The memory of soft, juicy and flavoursome shrimps with delicious rice is still fresh on my taste buds.

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4 thoughts on “Isabella’s Restaurant, San Jose

  1. lovely food review. Yummy:)

  2. Looks like a good place to visit on a weekend.

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