Sahaj, Baroda–Shopping for a cause

SAHAJ is a NGO that works with tribal women artisans of Gujarat. Sahaj has helped several tribal women earn a livelihood and support their families. Their main base is Dahod but they do have a store in Baroda (named Dharohar). That’s how I came to know of them.

M and I have often visited their store and had a lovely shopping time buying jewellery, baskets and generally browsing through their collection. They have a pretty big collection of skin care products, coffee mugs, bags and decor items. I had bought a huge mud coffee mug that i used as a pen stand. It has a rustic look and is of very fine quality. All their products are.

In my last few days in Baroda, we visited their exhibition held at Trisha gallery (They had lovely dupattas. I made things difficult for M by telling her to buy all that she liked instead of helping her choose). That’s when we met their entire team. Because I was taking photographs, we got talking and they offered to show us around their Dahod camp. But I was moving out and that wasn’t feasible.

Apart from the fact that they collaborate with tribal women to make products and that they have done a swell job at uplifting economic levels of the villages, I do not know much about them. Ashima has personally visited them and has written about them at length. I will just let my pictures and Ashima’s post to do all the talking.






These are on my wish list. Buying one of those on my India visit.



If you are in Baroda or visit Baroda, head to this store for cool Indian accessories perfect for yourself or gifting. You will be shopping for a good cause!

Do not forget to read Ashima’s write up about Sahaj to know their story. Visit their Facebook page for updates.

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17 thoughts on “Sahaj, Baroda–Shopping for a cause

  1. Good initiative on promoting , they are so colorful and vibrant 😊😊

    • Thank you! I wanted to showcase their work. Am glad I was going to do that well.. Their products are really good..

  2. Next time I visit Baroda, will go there .. Thanks for introducing Sahaj and all those lovely photographs 🙂

    • Do visit ! The name of their store is Darohar and it is along Productivity road.. They have exhibitions at times..

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  6. Very interesting..loved the photos…

  7. Interesting photos.

  8. Hey thanks for writing about Sahaj! I had visited them and the villages they work in long time back but till the time I was in BAroda I was a regular at Dharohar and both the founders have now become great friends! They are also starting many youth initiatives in both Baroda and Dahod!


    • I am a year late on this post, I feel really bad about it. I am shopping there this time!!

      • Ashima

        you should!! 🙂 I love some of their little little stuffs like flowers

  9. savar pandey

    NS indeed a noble deed, keep it up I am too fond of street shopping. This time would shop for a cause and these articles seem so well crafted. Nice pictures, as well great initiative keep the good work up would look forward for more such posts.

  10. One place where you can shop and not feel bad about the ‘spending,’ I’m sure.
    Superb images. I bet you made all your readers want to go there, NS. 🙂

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