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Bombay has become so crowded in the last 5 years that I cannot go back to living there. But still, Bombay revives my senses everytime I visit. It makes me sit back and smile and several times tsk-tsk at the filth and poverty. Bombay gives freedom and space to each person to rightfully be their own self. It makes you strong and mature. Many outsiders do not like this wild city. But I must say, Bombay grows on you. You fall in love with it ultimately. Every person must spend some time in Bombay and let its essence soak in.

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When everything falls in place.

I am all set to travel to Bombay (will not call it by any other name). Travelling to Bombay gives me nightmares, these days. Simply because it gets very tiring and the crowd seems to have doubled since I left Bombay. The crowds, the smoke and the vehicle traffic are maddening. One day this city was mine; but now, I feel like a stranger here.

100_2754A photo displayed at the Kalaghoda Fair, Feb 2011

100_2757One of the many old British time buildings at Fort area, now converted into a library. (Bad photo quality. It was during this trip I realized that its time to replace my camera)

Nonetheless, the thought of meeting my kiddo cousin has brightened me up. I have been going over the weekend Bombay plan in my mind again and again. Today morning I mentally tick off the items on the to-do list. Tickets have been printed. The gifts collected. Clothes to be taken selected. Camera battery charged. Everybody informed at work. Somehow, everything has fallen in place. My ticket has got confirmed. The colony auto was available and I booked it, at the last minute, to take me to the station early morning tomorrow. All the gifts and my stuff have been neatly packed. While I was all jittery about the tour a few days back, I can’t believe that all the planning has really gone well! In fact, I have some spare time at my disposal that I am able to sit and write this!

A packed schedule has been made. This weekend break is actually going to be the busiest of all the weekdays. I have the shopping to do (jewellery for my Oz cousins), movie (Kung Fu Panda-2. And the Caramel Popcorn that undoubtedly will accompany us during the movie) and the fun project of painting on canvas shoes (something that we’ve been planning since 3 months now) with my cousin.

Such mini breaks are required. They rejuvenate us and complete the aspects of our life that remain unfulfilled and incomplete in our daily busy lives. It’s important that we enjoy these breaks without worrying about the work back home.

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