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You’re Beautiful

It is the second day when I stand in front of stern-looking Selina at Toastbox reciting my order of coffee, Milo, eggs, bread and banana cake. Ho’ Milo, But’ar Toast, she repeats after me. And after confirming, says, Can Already La, meaning ‘ok’. It has become our staple breakfast and I look forward to it every day. I do not feel very brave venturing into their Asian dishes or the crab toast; I am quite content with eggs and bread. I just cannot decide, Milo is better or coffee. Yesterday I had Milo which is a popular morning hot drink for office goers and students. Today, I try the coffee with milk. I wonder how much milk is in it because the coffee looks so dark. After the first 2 sips, when you may find it to be bitter, the coffee is yummy and you will not wish for the mug to empty. I am having 2 eggs for breakfast every time. I don’t know why I am perennially hungry here. Good for me that we have listed down many many things to try. So we had 5 small meals yesterday. We started with breakfast, then Ice Kachang at Ion Mall, followed by donuts, Indian lunch at Go India Express, juice at Marche and dinner at Muchos. We get tired walking around, window shopping (since you cannot really shop) and moving around these huge malls. So we need to sit down to talk and rest (Mum and Sis enjoy this the most) and where else can we do this but cafes and food joints?




Most Singaporeans carry an umbrella around at all times because it can start raining anytime. If it doesn’t, you may need it for the strong heat. One moment there is prickly heat in the morning and just another it is raining. While we were shopping like crazy in the OG sale (right beside out hotel), it was pouring outside. Rains died away soon but clouds threatened to pour at any time the whole day.

Today’s lunch is at Fish & Co. they have a huge menu that has seafood and Veg items in it. The interiors are done up like a fisherman’s cabin. But what an expensive place it turns out to be! Each mocktail is for SGD 8.9 ! It is an unfortunate visit. Sis has tried the Veg pizza here before which she liked but they couldn’t serve it this time. They couldn’t serve many other drinks and dishes we want to order. We finally order Veg nachos which isn’t great; the sauces have been used very stingily. I, of course, manage to have a grand meal of Grilled white fish with peri-peri sauce (also available with coriander sauce), rice and mashed potatoes (you can select 2 out of several options of chips, stir-fry veggies, etc). It is quite good but the bill of SGD 57 shocks us.




It is late afternoon by the time we reach Esplanade Theatres. The area is spacious, quiet and sparsely crowded. This theatre is located near water (that is why it is also called Esplanade Theatres By The Bay). It is a Sunday evening, the weather is pleasant and cool and so lots of locals and tourists have come down here to relax. We also join the crowd (if you can call it crowd) and take in the humid winds and occasional rain drops. From here we can see the famous Merlion structure, new Singapore Museum and Marina Bay Sands (MBS). This area is also lined up with restaurants. Right near the water, is a small stadium with a stage. Anyone can walk into the enclosure and sit on the stairs where budding, unknown artists and bands are allowed to perform. This time it was a band performing what they call traditional jazz. A walk over a bridge, after crossing Indonesian street singers sitting under the bridge, takes us to the Merlion which is heavily surrounded by tourists.





When we come out of Starbucks, where we had sat for almost an hour, the crowds have almost vanished. Which is surprising again because it is Sunday evening. But then, maybe they’ve gone to more happening noisy places.









We retrace our steps and go to an Indian restaurant, Mirchi, at the Esplanade Mall. The food turns out to be brilliant there! Huge quantities and delicious preparation. I have kind of accepted that I need to have Indian meal atleast once a day.




We have got used to Singapore’s wide, clean roads, luxurious malls and the huge plethora of lovely food. Going back is going to be damn difficult.

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