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Vancouver Public Library Square

The day we were to leave Vancouver, we decided to spend the morning around our hotel, which happened to be in the Downtown area. We had breakfast at the legendary Café Medina and then stumbled into the Public Library. Well, you can’t really ‘stumble’ into this magnificent piece of architecture. It is grand and very noticeable. Shaped like the Roman Colosseum from the outside, this branch of the library is also known as the Library Square. This library houses more than 1.3 million books, is a storehouse of databases and has various services like free eBooks downloading, internet, etc.

Enter the building and walk inside the promenade along shops, coffee shops and café tables and bask in the grandeur of the building.  The construction of this building was completed in 1995. It consists of 9 stories. The ground floor witnesses a lot of pedestrian traffic. A lot of people walk in for coffee or to cross to the other side.

The library was in news recently for its Inspiration Lab. With just a library card in hand, you have access to creating videos, films and podcasts.

Vancouver public library

Vancouver public library 1

Vancouver public library 2

Vancouver public library 3

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